Bots from TryMovie Team

Quality bots designed to work 24/7 with a powerful anti-ban system

Lineage revolution bot

Lineage 2 Revolution Bot

  • For RU/EU/NA server
  • Work 24/7
  • Completing quests, dungeons and arena
  • Farm elite/normal monsters, auto hot-time
  • Changing layouts and using soulshots
  • Auto sale of things
  • Auto level up things during farm
  • Select delay after death
  • Farm Monster Codex
  • Channel auto-change after death
  • Works with the minimized window of the emulator

3 days free

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Updated at 08.10.2019 (v.

bdo fishing bot

Black Desert Bot: Fishing + Processing

  • For RU server
  • Work 24/7
  • The xingcode bypass the protection
  • Setting the collection of catch
  • Any number of rods
  • The use of food
  • Drying fish
  • Buy fishing rods from NPC
  • Catch statistics
  • Throwing broken disposable rods
  • Feeding the workers

3 days free

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Updated at 17.10.2019 (v.