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Black Desert bot

TryMovie Fishing Bot for Black Desert Online


Filters the catch, changes the fishing rods, feeds the workers. Shows detailed catch statistics.


Continuously cooks food according to a recipe, changes plates, uses fast slots and an alchemical stone, feeds workers even after the task is completed.

Buying workers

Monitors the auction of workers, buying them out at the first opportunity according to the filter settings, feeds workers on a timer.

Ban protection

Controls the mouse and keyboard via a special driver. All clicks are hardware, not virtual. Does not use game files. After the first launch, the bot generates a unique file for each user, data about which cannot be in the anti-cheat database.

Simple user-friendly interface

The bot is easily configurable. The bot updates are checked automatically. To update, you do not need to download a new version from the site, just click the "Update" button.