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Bot settings

  1. Make sure that the game is not running
  2. Run the bot as an administrator
  3. Install the driver by clicking the "Install driver" button
  4. Restart the computer (do not ignore this item)

1. In-game settings

1.1.1. Settings Video Window

  • Screen settings: A large window or a window
  • Crop mode: Off
  • Interface scale: 100

1.1.2. Settings Settings Quality

  • Automatic. optimization of personnel: Off
  • Zoom: Off

1.2. Settings Game Notifications

  • Other players items: Off
  • Gain successfully: Off
  • Strengthening failed: Off
  • Auction: Off

1.3. Settings Game Conveniences

  • Animation when not active: Off
  • Simplified interface: Off

1.4. Settings Game Etc

  • Self-Sufficiency: On
  • Rejection of the duels: On
  • Rejection of the exchange: On

1.5. Settings Settings Etc

  • Interface Theme Settings: Classic

2. Video driver settings

  • Any texture or text smoothing: Off
  • Black Desert Online optimization: Off

3. Windows settings

  • Start Parameters System Display. The Scale and markup item should be set to 100%

  • The input language in the game must be switched to English. You can check by typing characters in the game chat.


Run the bot (desktop shortcut "TryMovie BDO Fishing Bot") as an administrator.

Fishing mode:
You can start the bot (green button "Run" or hotkey [Home]) when:

  1. Character is already fishing (waiting for biting).

To start the bot, press the green button "Run" or hotkey [Home]. To stop the bot, press the orange button "Stop" or hotkey [End].

Write to support if you have something that did not work.