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The character will farm the current location.
Open the location map in the game by clicking on the minimap and click "Update Map" in the bot window. Click on the map to set a point for the farm and select the equipment layout. The number of points is unlimited. The bot sends the character to a randomly selected point.
The bot can change the channel if the character has been killed.

Daily tasks

Set the reset time for daily tasks. At this time, once a day, the bot will re-perform all the selected tasks.
In the dungeons of Familiars Cradle, Fire Temple and Pirate Ship, the bot uses auto-passing on the last difficulty passed.
In the story quests, the main chain is passed. At the end of the main quest chain, the bot will try to complete reputation quests, but may get stuck in some of them. Story quests are automatically disabled in the settings after completion.


For each character in the game, you can set up your profile, in which all hunting settings, daily tasks and the selected emulator will be saved.


The bot can start, close and restart the emulator and the game. If the emulator is not running, the bot will launch the emulator, launch and enter the game and start performing tasks.


Create copies of the emulator in LDMultiPlayer9.
Create profiles for each character and shortcuts for profiles (the "Create shortcut" button).
Launch shortcuts from the desktop.


The "Create shortcut" button places a shortcut to the desktop for autorun of the bot with the selected profile.
To start the bot and start working with Windows, place a shortcut from the desktop in the Windows startup folder (WIN + R and enter: shell:startup).