Download Buy Functional Instructions

Emulator settings

The bot only supports the LDPlayer emulator version 9.

LDPlayer 9

  1. Settings Advanced
    • Resolution: 960x540 (dpi 160)
  2. Settings Game settings
    • Support ASTC Texture: ON
  3. Settings Other settings
    • Root permission: Enabled
    • ADB debugging: Open local connection

In-game settings

  1. Settings Game
    • Language: English
    • Sleep Mode: Never
  2. Settings Graphics
    • Resolution: 100%

Video driver settings

The video driver is configured if the bot does not work after all the previous settings.

  1. Any texture or text smoothing: Off
  2. LDPlayer optimization: Off


  • To work with multiple emulator windows, launch another bot window and configure a profile for each of the emulators.
  • To autostart and start the bot with Windows, click on the "Create shortcut" button in the main menu of the bot to the right of the profile list. Place the shortcut from the desktop in the Windows startup folder (WIN + R and type: shell:startup).