Main purpose

The main purpose of the bot is to maintain a constant farm at selected points.

  • Monitoring the status of the emulator and the game. Launch in case of departure and restart if necessary.
  • Sending a character to a farm point in case of death from mobs or other players.
  • Buying cans of HP.
  • Selling items to avoid overweight and overfilling inventory slots.
  • Buying pet food and feeding them.

Daily tasks

The bot performs daily tasks once a day at the selected time.

  • Collecting plants, stone, wood.
  • Tower of Trials.
  • Path of Glory.
  • Lightstone combination.
  • Collecting mail.
  • Collecting various rewards.


For each character in the game, you can set up your profile, in which all hunting settings, daily tasks and the selected emulator will be saved.


Create copies of the emulator in LDMultiPlayer9.
Create profiles for each character and shortcuts for profiles (the "Create shortcut" button).
Launch shortcuts from the desktop.


The "Create shortcut" button places a shortcut to the desktop for autorun of the bot with the selected profile.
To start the bot and start working with Windows, place a shortcut from the desktop in the Windows startup folder (WIN + R and enter: shell:startup).