Download Buy Functional Instructions F.A.Q.


Field monsters

Automatic farm field monsters with auto-selling items and auto-joining farm stones call.

Elite monsters

Automatic farm monsters in elite dungeons with auto-selling items and auto-joining the farm call stones.


Main quests

Automatic passage of story quests with auto-selling items.

Daily Quests

Automatic completion of daily quests.

Scroll Quests

Automatic passage of quests from the scrolls.

Weekly Quests

Automatic completion of weekly quests.

Conquest Support quests

Bot automatically updates Conquest Support quests.


Daily Dungeon

Automatic passage of the daily dungeon.

Tower Of Insolence

Automatically walk through the floors of Tower Of Insolence and/or collect rewards.

Extraction Pit

Automatic collection of flowers in Extraction Pit.

Temple Guardian

Automatic search and passage of the Temple Guardian.

Adena Vault

Automatic passage of Adena Vault.

Trials Of Experience

Automatic passage of the dungeon experience with the movement of the character to the point of respawn buffs.

Summoning Circle

Automatic search and completion of Summoning Circle.

Temporal Rift

Automatic search and completion of Temporal Rift.



Automatic passage of the arena with the ability to select the position.

Other function

Summoning Stones

Automatically join the farming stones summon during the farming of normal or elite monsters.

Auto-sell items

Automatic sale of items during the farming of normal or elite monsters.

Auto-revive after death

Automatic character resurrection after death.


Screenshots are automatically saved if the character is killed by a player with the nickname of the killer. Also the screenshots are saved after completing the dungeons and Summoning Stones.

Auto-switch gear preset

The bot automatically selects and sets the preset equipment depending on the type of monsters. If a character is attacked by another player, the bot will set a PVP preset.

Clan Donat

Automatic check-in and donation adena, star stones and blood to clan.