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How to use

In the window of the bot, go to the tab "Main" and select "Field monsters" in "Farm Mode". In the "Elite farm" tab, select the map and set the points on the map where the character will farm. Farm points are set by simple clicks on the map. A maximum of four points can be set.

How it works

The Character is sent to farm elite monsters to a randomly selected point from the given points after completing all quests and clearing all dungeons. While farming is auto-join to farm Summoning Stones, auto-sell items, check the daily quests and auto-revive in the event of death. If a character is killed by a player, a screenshot with the nickname of the killer is saved, then, after a set delay, the character is resurrected, the channel is changed and the farming point is randomly selected. Check for available quests and dungeons is set in the settings.

Where to download

Download bot for Lineage 2 Revolution with auto-leveling is absolutely free at the link below:

Download bot for Lineage 2 Revolution with auto-leveling