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Download and install the bot. To start, open the "TryMovie L2R Bot" shortcut on the desktop as an administrator. How to set up the bot, read the instructions.

Download TryMovie L2R Bot v. .exe

The first 3 days of using the bot are free

Recommended versions of emulators with fixed crash of the game after the update on June 11, 2020: Nox Player For Android 7 [Download], LDPlayer 64-bit [Download].
After installing emulators of these versions, their settings may be reset.
LDPlayer settings: 1280х720; 240dpi; Root: on. After the game settings, launch the bot when the character is in the field. If the bot can't detect the main screen, go to the bot's "System settings" tab and switch the capture mode to "Screencapture". For more information about the mode, see the tooltip.
The bot cannot work with more than one window on LD Player.

Updated at 05.07.2020 (v.

You can also download the bot from telegram:

Main changes in version

  • [] Fixed auto-changing presets that worked incorrectly on some systems.
  • [] Fixed the resurrection of the character.
  • [] Fixed elite dungeon quests.
  • [] Various minor fixes.
  • [] The bot is ready to work after the Lineage 2 Revolution update on June 24, 2020.
  • [] Added a map of the elite dungeon level 462. Thanks е***********@*****.com for the map.
  • [] Fixed passing of story quests. Completing story quests at the initial character levels is more stable for the Kamael race.
  • [] The character does not leave the group before entering the elite dungeon, but only cancels the search, if there is one.
  • [] Fixed bugs.
  • [] Fixed an error sending a character to a farm point.
  • [] Added new Innadril maps.
  • [] Fixed a bug with donating to the clan.
  • [] Fixed a bug in passing the Extraction Pit.
  • [] Time to reset the dungeons is now set manually.
  • [] Fixed a white screen appearing after changing the resolution to Nox.
  • [] Fixed an error changing the resolution to LDplayer 64.
  • [] Fixed a preset selection error.
  • [] Added maps of elite dungeons of 440 and 444 levels. Thanks M*** for the maps.
  • The bot is ready to work after the Lineage 2 Revolution update on June 11, 2020.
  • Activation time on all accounts has been extended for three days.
  • Added support for the LDPlayer 64-bit emulator.
  • After installing the update, the bot may lose the installation difficulty dungeon. Please configure the settings again.

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