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How to use

In the bot window, go to the tab "Main" and check the "Summoning Stones". In the "Extended" tab, check the stones of which regions (Talking island, Gludio, Dion, Giran, Oren) you want to join.

How it works

Auto-joining a Monster Codex farm works while farming normal or elite monsters. The bot will go to the main menu, then to the menu of summoning stones and fulfill requests for auto-accession to the selected regions of Monster Codex. While searching, all the functions of the farm mobs (auto-sell, daily quests, returning to the point of the farm, etc.) will work normally. Upon completion of the search character will getting cores, then leave dungeon and get out of the group. Further, the auto-connection will be performed again, and so on to infinity. After the death of will work auto-revive and turn on auto-battle.

Also you can farm your own summoning stones. To do this, call the stones and run the bot. The bot will determine that it is a stone farm. If the character is killed by monsters, the function of auto-rescue and auto-maintenance will work. After the completion of the stones, the bot will disband the group and continue working as usual.

Where to download

Download bot for Lineage 2 Revolution with auto-farming of Monster Codex is absolutely free at the link below:

Download Lineage 2 Revolution: Monster Codex bot