• Hunting in Favorite locations

    Make sure that there are selected locations in each region. Open the map and mark the desired locations with an asterisk in the list of locations on the right.

  • HP Tracker

    Monitors the health of the character. When the set percentage is reached, sends the character to the settlement to rest.

  • Endless hunting

    Resurrects the character in case of murder, buys cans and everything necessary and sends him on a hunt.

  • Quests

    Accepts and completes daily quests.


  • NPC Merchant

    Buys cans, buffs, etc. from a merchant. Set up an in-game purchase filter.

  • NPC Warehouse

    Transfers items to the warehouse.


  • Dungeons

    Farming dungeons: Forest of Training, Irletta Temple, Land of Prosperity, Sancona Ruins.

  • Setting the reset time

    Set the time at which the daily tasks will be reset.

  • Story Quest

    Performs a story quest starting from the 3rd chapter.

  • Shop

    Buys items for gold and summoning items.

  • Mail

    Collects mail.