Bot settings

  1. Run the bot as an administrator
  2. Install the driver by clicking the "Install driver" button
  3. Restart the computer (do not ignore this item)

In-game settings

Open the in-game menu in the upper-right corner, then go to settings in the lower-right part of the screen.

  1. Settings Enviroment Language

    • Language: English

  2. Settings Enviroment Graphics

    • Resolution: Very High
    • Display settings: Windowed
    • Display size: 1280x720

  3. Settings Functions Interface

    • UI Size: Normal

  4. Settings Functions Convenience

    • Sleep mode settings: Off

Install teleportation scrolls to the base and teleportation scrolls to a random location on the quick slots panel. The scrolls should be visible on the screen.

The game window should not overlap with other windows.