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Download and install the bot. To start, open the "TryMovie L2R Bot" shortcut on the desktop as an administrator. How to set up the bot, read the instructions.

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Updated at 19.02.2019 (v.

Changes in version

  • Added the function to change the mode of the farm at the time.
    For each mode, the shift time is set separately;
  • In case of an error entering the elite dungeon, the farm mode automatically switches to the field if the function of changing the farm mode by time is activated (the time is set to more than zero) for elite monsters;
  • Fixed bug which incorrectly triggered the charges of the souls when the character was on vivid textures.

Changes in version

  • Added the function to change the farm mode after the death of the player;
  • Is there a minimum delay after death for 10 seconds;
  • Fixed a bug where after killing a player death was defined as a monster;
  • Changed working with presets and soulshots;
  • Changed the algorithm for selecting items when increasing the level;
  • The increased time to search for items at higher levels;
  • Fixed an issue where the chat window would open after death while leveling up items;
  • Added closing of new advertising banners;
  • Various minor changes.

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