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Download and install the bot. To start, open the "TryMovie L2R Bot" shortcut on the desktop as an administrator. How to set up the bot, read the instructions.

Download TryMovie L2R Bot v. .exe

The first 3 days of using the bot are free

Recommended emulator: LDPlayer v4.0.33: [Download].
LDPlayer settings: 1280x720; 240dpi; Root: on.
Recommended emulator: Nox Player v6.6.1.2: [Download].
Nox Player settings: 1280x720; 240dpi; Root: on, OpenGL+.
After setting up the game, launch the bot at the moment when the character is standing in the field. If the bot can't detect the main screen, go to the bot's "System settings" tab and switch the capture mode to "Screencapture". Background work is not available in Screencapture mode.
The problem of logging in to the game using a Google Play account on the game's start screen is solved by repeated login attempts.

Updated at 30.10.2020 (v.

You can also download the bot from telegram:

Main changes in version

  • [] Added the ability to set a delay before connecting after logging in to the game from another device. It is installed in the main menu of the bot. While the bot is running, you can log in to the game from your phone. At this point, the connection to the game server on the emulator is broken. The bot will wait for the specified time, then re-enter the game, throwing you off the phone and continue its work.
  • [] Added the Harvest Dungeon.
  • The bot is ready to work after the Lineage 2 Revolution update on August 13, 2020.
  • Added a map of the elite dungeon level 480 . Thank М*** for the map.
  • Added a new difficulty in the Daily Dungeon.

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