Frequent problems:

  • The bot does not click: after installing the driver, be sure to restart the PC. Without restarting, the bot will start, but it will not be able to control the mouse and keyboard.
  • Still does not click: reinstall the driver (1: launch the bot as administrator; 2: in the upper right menu "Uninstall driver"; 3: restart the PC). All three points are important.
  • Clicks in the wrong place if the second monitor is connected.

Account is linked to another device:

  • Login and reset the binding in control panel.
  • The binding can be reset once a month. If you need it now, but there is no way, write an email or account ID.


Attach a video to the message (even taken on a phone), on which the game and the status bar of the bot are visible — the solution to the problem will speed up many times.