Bot settings

  1. Make sure that the game is not running
  2. Run the bot as an administrator
  3. Install the driver by clicking the "Install driver" button
  4. Restart the computer (do not ignore this item)

PURPLE Emulator settings

  1. Game resolution: 1280x720


  2. Hotkeys: Default

In-game settings

  1. Settings Settings Languages
    • Text: English
  2. Settings Settings Graphics
    • Dark Mode: OFF (default)
    • Display Resolution: High
    • HUD Ratio: 100% (default)
  3. Settings Configure
    • Cancel Power Save when hit by a player: OFF (default)
  4. Brightness in Power Save Mode (vertical scale in the upper right corner) should be at least 80%. (default)

Video driver settings

The video driver is configured if the bot does not work after all the previous settings.

  1. Any texture or text smoothing: Off
  2. Lineage 2M optimization: Off


  • You can start the bot when the character is in the settlement or in the process of farming.
  • Hotkey [Home] - Start the bot.
  • Hotkey [End] - Stop the bot.